Veda Ashirvachanam

In ancient times, most of the knowledge acquired by students was only through paying heed to their guru’s or teacher’s words. Vedas had the paramount importance in such ancient culture. Every word spoken by the scholars was considered to be an incantation. It is our culture to take the blessings of such scholars, saints, and elders on any special occasion. But those traditions and cultures are being disregarded these days.   Due to this, we are stumbling on many hurdles. These forsaken cultures and traditions are being rejuvenated by Acharya Sethu. We provide Veda ashirvachanam service availing which you can convey your regards with the blessings of scholars and saints to your loved ones in the form of an online video on any special occasion like birthday, wedding anniversary, etc. Avail of this and convey your regards in our traditional way to evade troubles. Together let’s save our ancient Vedic culture.