Lakshmi Kubera Puja

kubero dhana dah sri dah raja rajo dhaneswarah |
dhana lakshmi prayatamo dhanadhyo dhanika priyah ||

Benefits of performing:
Provides wealth and prosperity, remove financial difficulties. While goddess Lakshmi is the one who provides wealth to this universe, Kubera is the God who controls the wealth. Even lord Sri Maha Vishnu followed goddess Lakshmi in the form of Lord Srinivasa when she arrived at earth leaving Vaikuntha. Lord Srinivasa who married goddess Padmavati Devi as Pratyaksha daivam of Kaliyuga (the manifested lord of the Kali age) was proffered with the lost wealth by Lord Kubera. So worshipping the likes of Kubera along with goddess Lakshmi will fetch your wealth and prosperity.

When to perform:
This puja can be performed at any time. Anyone who is waiting for the blessings of goddess Lakshmi can perform this puja…may it is employees, professionals, business people, or couples. Blessings of Lord Kubera not only provides prosperity but also clears debts and financial problems. This puja can be performed alone or in groups at home or temple. This puja can be performed anywhere mentioning the name and gotra of the performer.